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Download problems

If you are having problems downloading StagePrompt, there are a few options:-

The possible problem you may encounter trying to download the StagePrompt Installer is that the file you download is an EXE file, some versions of some browsers now think they are also anti virus software, so they consider any EXE file that has not got an approved electronic signature and is not on the browsers approved list of sites, as possible malicious software.
Also your anti-virus software may prevent you from downloading EXE files, and your computer setting such as UAC and admin rights can also prevent you downloading EXE files.

If you experience a problem downloading the Installer.EXE file from the main download page ( button on the right of this page ), then you have two alternatives:-

Download the StagePrompt ZIP file, then after downloading unzip the file, and run the setup.exe file.

CLICK HERE  To download StagePrompt


CLICK HERE  To download StagePrompt



Download the Installer EXE file, that has purposefully been renamed to a EXA file, thus browsers and anti-virus software will not detect this as potentially malicious, after downloading simply rename the file extension back to EXE and run the installer file.

CLICK HERE  To download StagePrompt Pro Installer.EXA


CLICK HERE  To download StagePrompt Lite Installer.EXA

When you rename a files extension, you will get the usual warning that the file might become unstable, ignore the warning.