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Q) What platforms and computers will StagePrompt software work on ?
A)  StagePrompt software works on any Windows platform including Windows 10 , and on MAC machines running parallels, it also works on IPAD running with Parallels Access and a Mac PC.

Q) Can I enter my own songs into the StagePrompt system ?
A) ABSOLUTELY YES, The whole concept of StagePrompt is that you display whatever you want ( chords/lyrics, tabs, manuscript ) and synchronise the display to any audio you want, absolutely free. StagePrompt uses simple text files and common audio files ( mp3, wav. wma, mid ).
There are even links within StagePrompt software that take you to websites where you can download the chords/lyrics and backing tracks to thousands of songs absolutely free.
And you can download free song packs from this website, each song pack has a number of songs, each song includes the Chords/Lyrics and a backing track and is all set up and ready to import and use with StagePrompt pro.

Click HERE to download FREE song packs from this site.

Q) Do I have to pay for songs to use with StagePrompt ?
A) ABSOLUTELY NOT, StagePrompt uses simple text files and common audio files ( mp3, wav. wma, mid ), and with the Pro version you can upload and downloads songs from the StagePrompt website absolutely free.

Q) How many songs can I enter into StagePrompt ?
A) UNLIMITED, the only limitation is the size of your hard disk drive, but even then you can use an external usb drive.

Q) Can I install Stageprompt on my Home computer and my gigging laptop ?
A) Yes, to allow for this and to allow for updating your computer or HDD failures, for each purchase up to 3 activation codes can be issued.

Q) Can I play a medley of songs with Stageprompt ?
A) Yes, There are two ways to do this, if you use a playlist, when one song finishes the next song loads and is ready to play in about 2 seconds, or to go directly ( without missing a beat ) from one song to the next, simply create one sequential RTF file for all the songs, and create one sequential backing track for all the songs.

Q) Do I need an internet connection to use StagePrompt ?
A) NO, Stageprompt uses songs stored on your computer

Q) When playing a gig can I set up a playlist ?
A) YES, Stageprompt Pro has a playlist feature, so that songs automatically load one after the other, you can also STEP OUT of the playlist to play requests, then return to where you were in the playlist

Q) Are the downloads fully working ?
A) YES, the downloads are the full working versions, You get to use Stageprompt Pro for 20 hours before you need to purchase the activation code, Click the link at the top of this page to download StagePrompt Lite and/or StagePrompt Pro

Q) How does the footswitch  and remote controls work ?

StagePrompt can also be operated with a USB triple or single footswitch

StagePrompt Pro can also be operated with a wireless hand held POWERPOINT presentation device

StagePrompt Pro can also be operated with a bluetooth wireless number pad, with the wireless number pad, when using PAGE SCROLLING, you can instantly select any one of 20 pages of your chosen song.

A) StagePrompt software can be controlled using a simple and cheap usb footswitch, with a usb triple footswitch you can select any song and start the backing track and the scolling. If you are using the playlist feature, each song in your playlist loads automatically, and you simply press one footswitch to start the current song, when that song finishes, the next one loads instantly. You can also control StagePrompt Pro using either a POWERPOINT wireless presenter remote or a Bluetooth wireless number pad.
The Bluetooth wireless number pad is extremely useful, especially for singers that sing with a live band IE: no backing track, as you can instantly display any one of 20 pages of lyrics or lyrics with chords in your chosen song, this facilitates for ad lib changes, such as repeating a verse.

Q) With StagePrompt Pro, how do I know the scrolling will sync ok with my backing track?
A) EASY, you undertake a one time procedure called SYNCRONISATION. In this procedure your backing track plays, and you tap your computers space key to advance the displayed song, this timing information is stored for that particular song, so when you play that song the display advances exactly as you told it to do.

Q) What’s the difference between the Lite and the Pro Versions ?
A) There are significant differences,

Compare Versions:

Click HERE to compare Pro and Lite versions and see which StagePrompt version is best for you.

Q) Where can I download Chords/Lyrics text files and Audio backing tracks for Free ?
A) Here are some links to sites that give free downloads:-

There are links at the bottom of the pages of this website, also try:-

Betty Lou guitar site:-

Guitar Backing Tracks site:-

Q) Can I control backing track volume from within StagePrompt ?
A) YES, with StagePrompt Pro when the backing track is playing, you can adjust the volume with any of the remote devices mentioned above or with the computer keyboard or the mouse or a touch screen. With StagePrompt Lite there is a volume slider on the screen.